“Dr. Morgan, here are some of the comments my directors made about Leadership by Objectives. We really saw how intentionalizing objectives and goals promoted the processes.  It feels much more like we are following a clear path rather than wondering around in the forest trying to find our way out.

‘It’s nice. I think Leadership by Objectives is refreshing and interesting. I brought it back to my annual evaluation. I liked the goals I set. It’s nice to see what we’ve done so far and what the barriers were, and open up to new goals—It feels good, the process feels good, and it feels good that you’re following up on this. I really respect you for that. You’re staying strong to your word. I’m learning from good modeling for me on your part. I like the fact that you’ve given some of our responses to the top executives to see some of the barriers and what our individual goals are. I really feel that has given us more recognition. I know they’re looking fiscally, but (it is) nice to balance that with our goals and what we want for our departments. I was tentative at the beginning 6 months ago and now I know what I expect.’

‘The seeds were planted and I shared my seeds with management, QA and supervisors. I think I planted seeds in them as well. I think they felt supported, in line with things they needed to do, and LBO encouraged valuable collaboration. It was surprising to review the outcomes and see how much has actually been accomplished. It didn’t feel like I did a lot until this review.’

Dr Morgan, since you revamped our training program we’ve seen a tremendous increase in motivation and productivity. I attribute the success of our inaugural national seminar in Las Vegas to the preparation and implementation of the tools you developed.'”

F.P., Director of Charity Services, GTT, Inc.