Organizational Leadership

“Leadership is lifting a person’s vision to higher sights, the raising of a person’s performance to a higher standard, the building of a personality beyond its normal limitations.”      ~     Peter Drucker

Organizational Leadership is a future-oriented course—envisioning a better future for the organization and looking to step outside the corporate comfort zone.  Assessing the organization’s strengths and appraising the organization’s environment are the starting processes.  This includes describing the economic engine, what the company is best at, and a review of company objectives and mission statement.  It is like using a road map. Find your present location and the desired destination on the map, and then consider the places to visit on the way.

Excerpts from Organizational Leadership:

“The CEO provides a balance between managing today and building for the future by nurturing an organization’s culture and setting the ethical tone.  If employees are going to be passionate about their work, they need the right signals from the top. Vision is the catalyst for success, yet it is only a dream until it is on paper. Then it will give focus.”

“The challenge is to learn to lead people effectively.  Human nature is often resistant to change. CEOs, boards of directors, and even well-paid managers hang onto old methodology.  Workers require a different management style. Traditionally, the intent of management was efficiency—the ability to get things done.  Effectiveness, on the other hand, is doing the right thing. Effectiveness is more important than efficiency.  A company is its people.  Leadership is about unifying people in a common venture.  The importance of respecting employees’ capabilities and investing in them has never been greater.”