Managerial Leadership

More employees would rather have a new boss than a pay raise, according to a Gallup Poll survey.  In an ever-changing business world, stress and increased workloads are common.  Job dissatisfaction is on the increase.  Streamlining and doing more with less is causing us to work slower and be dissatisfied.  A leader’s behavior makes a difference.  The more positive the leadership, the more successful and happy organizations, families, and communities will become.  Positive relationships based on trust and mutual respect are essential elements for effective management.  Activities in Managerial Leadership produce positive impact by drawing on the most compelling research evidence.

Managerial Leadership is present-oriented and about building positive relationships between supervisor and subordinate.  We show leaders how to embrace and expand possibilities for excellence by tapping into the best in people and organizations. Leadership by Objectives offers research-based strategies for positive mindset and for organizations to be more “positive” and “engaged.”  Using ideas from thought leaders in the field of positive organizational scholarship creates possibilities for bringing out the best in organizations.  You will expand your repertoire of actions and create enduring and beneficial outcomes.  Even simple decisions will impact your organization.  This course will ignite and to inspire effective leadership qualities.

It is usually better to promote managers from within an organization. They already live the corporate culture and they have the technical background for the job. The thing that is usually missing when employees are promoted from frontline to supervisory positions is a lack of understanding of how to manage others, how to motivate, and how to get superior work out of other people.  This is where Leadership by Objectives (LBO) can play a vital role in the success of an organization.  We use scientifically validated research and studies of thriving organizations to expand our clients’ perspectives and generate greater options for real and quantifiable positive change.

Relationships are a source of information and a major feature of leadership.  LBO opens the possibilities for motivational uplifts, job engagement, and purposefulness for you and others by building stronger work relationships.  You can learn how to work mindfully and productively with your emotions to create win-win outcomes.  LBO emphasizes ways to foster positive relationships for you and others to boost capacities for excellence.  Some of the topics covered in Managerial Leadership include:

  • Delegating and Micromanaging
  • Increasing engagement and productivity
  • Strength-Based Job Crafting
  • Win-Win for Conflict Resolution
  • Effective Communication Skills and Assertiveness Training
  • Motivational Messaging
  • Performance Assessment

Managerial Leadership provides the combination to unlock resources, tap obscure talent, and promote positive relationships.  A productive relationship between managers and subordinates is why this publication is vital.

You can outsource inspiration by connecting with to ensure positive change.  Our strategies unlock resources from within people, from within relationships, and from within teams by activating and expanding purpose, optimism, initiative, and creative thinking.