Conflict Management

Conflict Management is about seeking win-win solutions and shaping the corporate culture to use interpersonal conflict as an advantage rather than allowing conflict to be a distracting influence.

The most critical factor in organizations is communication and the only thing that matters is the perception of what the decoder (recipient) hears and perceives.  Clarifying feedback does not happen automatically.  Agreement is not what we’re seeking at this point; it is for everyone to understand each other.

Problem ownership determination is essential for effective communication in crucial conversations.  The person concerned about a situation is the problem owner, not the person causing the concern.  The one who brings up a troublesome item is usually the person who owns the problem.  This course shows participants how to be assertive by using “I” messages that focus on feelings in a non-blaming manner.  Appropriate responses to “I” messages are in the form of active listening for understanding, rather than attempts to justify one’s behavior.