Career Empowerment

Career Empowerment is about job crafting.  It is a set of self-assessment activities that includes reviewing one’s experience, education and envisioning a better future.  This involves a personal strengths assessment, clarifying personal values, writing objectives for personal fulfillment, listing work responsibilities, and authority.

This course is the essence of Leadership by Objectives.  It is designed to extract insights, awaken ambition, and increase participants’ level of engagement. It includes sections dealing with the organization’s core ideology, employee strengths assessments, aligning job expectations, collaborating on Big-Dream Objectives, and managing their careers.

The first activity is an anonymous Workplace Climate and Employee Engagement Survey, used for diagnosing the motivational environment of the unit or organization.  An important activity is a discussion of the company’s core ideology, mission, values, vision, and goals, and an introduction to Leadership by Objectives.

Early in the process, employees complete an assessment of their personal styles and behavioral competencies.  After reviewing the company’s core ideology and assessing employees’ strengths, employees come up with their own Big-Dream Objectives in collaboration with their managers.