Puzzle graphicLeadership by Objectives (LBO) can serve a vital role in the success of any organization.  Our systems approach to Organizational Development utilizes strategies for increasing productivity, profitability, and sustainability.  LBO shows executives and managers how capacities for excellence can be expanded by adopting proven strategies for changing the way organizations work.

The greatest positive impact within any organization is made through developing the enterprise’s most valuable asset: the employee.  Behavior matters and the more positive and engaged the leadership within the organization is, the more engaged and successful the employees will become.   LBO strategies unlock resources from within people, from within relationships, and from within teams by activating and expanding purpose, optimism, initiative, and creative thinking.

LBO is a “How To” system based on ideas from thought leaders in the field of positive organizational scholarship that will expand your repertoire of available actions/responses and create new possibilities for bringing out the best within your organization.  It opens the possibilities for motivational uplifts, job engagement, and purposefulness for you and others by building stronger work relationships.

Explore our website to learn more about the research behind LBO and how our resources and facilitation services can produce a positive transformation in your organization!

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